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Chinese Bingo

Chinese Bingo is an exciting variation of the massively popular game of Bingo.

Chinese Bingo is played the same way as the original Bingo game. The biggest difference is that instead of numbers, commonly used Mandarin or Pinyin characters are printed in the Bingo cards. And in place of Bingo balls, the caller draws from a pile of Caller Cards.

Chinese Bingo is an excellent means to introduce the Chinese language to non-Chinese speaking individuals. In fact, a number of schools are using Chinese Bingo as a way to teach Chinese to their students.

Just like the original Bingo game, a round of Chinese Bingo is concluded when a player completes a specified pattern from the Caller Cards. The winner should call out the word "Bingo!" which alerts the other players and caller of a possible "win".

The caller then verifies the card of the player if indeed he's completed a Bingo. If the card checks out fine, the player is given a prize. If, for some reason, the player is not declared a winner, more Caller Cards are drawn until a player call out "Bingo!"

There are also nearly unlimited patterns that may be specified for play. Some patterns only require one character to be matched. Others require that all characters on a card be marked up. Some patterns may also form simple Chinese characters.

Since Bingo's invention in 1934, the game has spawned a multitude of variations to increase participation by creating excitement. Here are some of the more popular variations, aside from Chinese Bingo:

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