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Family Reunion Bingo

Family Reunion Bingo is an excellent Bingo variation for getting acquainted with extended family members. As the name suggests, it is best played during a family reunion. But it can also be played during a special family celebration, Christmas, the birthday party of a family patriarch or matriarch.

The game is played using the same 5 x 5 matrix Bingo card, but instead of numbers, physical characteristics (like hair color), things a person has done (sailed a boat), or things which match the bingo player (same color eyes), etc are printed.

There are no Bingo Balls or Caller cards. Players simply have to write the name of the family member(s) who fit the descriptions printed on the card.

A player who covers five squares in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally can call out "Bingo". A player may even shout the family's surname to complete the reunion theme.

Other Bingo patterns such as "Blackout", stamp or four corners can also be played. In fact you can even make up your own to make the game more exciting!

How to play Family Reunion Bingo

  1. Each player is given a Family Reunion Bingo Card and a Bingo pattern is pre-determined.

  2. Players simply write the name of the family member who fit the description on the cards.

  3. The first player to complete the Bingo pattern on his card should call out Bingo or shout the family's surname.

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