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Walmart Bingo

Walmart Bingo is an exciting variation of the popular Bingo game that can while your time away on your trip to your favorite supermarket. You can play it by yourself, with friends, with the whole family or who ever you're with on your way to the supermarket.

The game is played using the same 5 x 5 matrix Bingo card, but instead of numbers, funny and commonly seen items, persons or situations are randomly printed on the face of the card. Rat Tail Hair Style, Someone using a voice box, bearded woman, are just some of the examples.

No Bingo balls or caller cards are used. Players simply mark the things on their cards as they see them.

A player who covers five squares in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally can spell out "B-I-N-G-O".

Other Bingo patterns such as "Blackout", stamp or four corners can also be played. In fact you can even make up your own to make the game more exciting!

How to play Walmart Bingo

  1. Each player is given a Walmart Bingo Card and a Bingo pattern is pre-determined.

  2. The players mark the character or word on their Walmart Bingo card as they see them.

  3. The first player to complete the Bingo pattern on his card should call out BINGO!

  4. The caller then checks the player's card for accuracy, confirms that the player has indeed achieved Bingo, declares the winner and awards a prize.

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